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It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.

Mandy Hals



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Welcome to Knottingham

There are various places one can go to get a massage. There are various places one can go to get artisan body products. However, there is ONLY ONE Body Pantry at Knottingham. The corner of the world where the art of massage and artisan body products are fused in a way that can only be experienced here at The Body Pantry at Knottingham. The Body Pantry at Knottingham (BPK) was created with the desire and purpose to indulge our client’s senses in a way that can only be found here at BPK. We pride ourselves in pampering your five senses and creating what we call a “BPK kinda mood.”


We are sure you have experienced a massage here and there.  The massages where therapists apply gentle or strong pressure to the muscles and joints of the body to ease pain and tension Now, experience what can only be found at The Body Pantry at Knottingham. Our massage services and will enthrall your very being. We will indulge your every sense helping to create your own personal experience of ultimate relaxation. Your sense of touch will be pampered with our signature massages that are accompanied by a water submersion. The rustic, feminine, and charming atmosphere will captivate your sense of sight. Our fragrant essential oils, herbs, and other charming creations from our very own Body Pantry will enwrap your sense of smell.  During your massage treatment, you have the option to choose various soothing & relaxing sounds to tickle your sense of hearing and further encapsulate your BPK relaxation experience.  Indulge your sense of taste from the delectable goodness of BPK’s luscious food and drink palates.


That’s why, BPK has got your relaxation covered! If you have had the pleasure of experiencing what is usually known as a massage or if you have not, The Body Pantry at Knottingham is the ultimate location to distinguish or redefine your idea of ultimate pampering.  Let us handcraft your BPK kinda mood, indulge your senses today!




Tel: 256.489.2938

Fax: 256.489.2985


3316 Long Ave

Huntsville, AL 35805


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